Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to Dot Badges. In addition to our Terms and Conditions, this Privacy Policy details which of your personal/sensitive data is collected and the reasons for which it is processed:

This Website ( collects certain types of personal and sensitive data from time to time. Some information is collected from you and stored automatically, such as your IP address, your device information, or any cookies on your browser. This information is used to track the number of site visits, provide technical and other support, and personalize any content you see on the Website, for your utmost comfort and convenience in making purchases thereupon. Dot Badges may also receive information about you from a third party, including search engines, marketplace websites, and any other sources. Any and all such information made available publicly by you to the said third party shall be collected, stored, analyzed, and used by Dot Badges.

Certain other information is also collected by Dot Badges when it is entered into the Website by you. This includes your name, phone number, e-mail address, billing and shipping addresses, and any other information to facilitate the provision of goods and services by Dot Badges. Should you choose to create an account with Dot Badges, your user ID shall also be stored by Dot Badges along with password in encrypted form.

All information specified hereinabove shall be collected and retained by Dot Badges. This information will be collected, stored, and used for various purposes. Your data will be used to facilitate payment and issue invoices, as well as for processing any refunds or vouchers. It will also be used to notify you of offers, flash sales, and any other promotional events organized by Dot Badges.

The number of visits made by you to Dot Badges shall be used for marketing purposes, and to improve products sold on the Website. These are anonymized and aggregated and may be shared with third parties from time to time. Dot Badges also regularly runs marketing campaigns on social media and other websites, including on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, and may use some or all data for marketing purposes.

Certain agents, employees, or third-party contractors and freelancers may be given access to your data by Dot Badges as and when it deems necessary. However, they will make reasonable efforts to keep it confidential, and shall use it only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Dot Badges will ensure on a best-effort basis that your data is kept confidential by its agents, employees, or third-party contractors and freelancers.

In the event of a transfer of ownership or any other change in the business of Dot Badges, Dot Badges may be required to sell or transfer any and all personal data (including customer lists and contact details) to a third party. Additionally, any and all information shared with Dot Badges by you, may be shared without obtaining your prior consent with Government agencies or any third party in accordance with the law in force for the time being.

You hereby provide your consent for the collection and usage of your sensitive personal data/information for the abovementioned purposes by Dot Badges and its agents. Dot Badges shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by you or anybody acting on your behalf. While your data will be safeguarded using reasonable security practices and procedures that Dot Badges has put in place, Dot Badges shall not be responsible for a breach occurring due to factors beyond its control. In case of loss of package or any non-delivery thereof, Dot Badges shall not be responsible for any subsequent loss of your data and material, or misuse of your data and material by any third party.

Your information shall not be retained for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may be lawfully used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force, and shall be used for the purpose for which it has been collected.

If you would like to review the information you provided that is stored with Dot Badges, or if you would like to correct any information that you believe to be incorrect or incomplete, please write to our customer care team at [email protected] for an amendment.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent for the utilisation of your personal data, or if you have any other grievances with respect to the processing of your personal data, please write to [email protected] where you may reach our Grievance Officer. However, should you so withdraw your consent, Dot Badges reserves the right not to provide goods and services for which your personal data was required.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without any prior notice. You are responsible for reviewing this Policy from time to time.