Sell Your Artwork




Earn Money

At Dot Badges we not only create fantastic pieces of art but we also allow you to be a part our awesome design family, we believe that every artist should be able to put out their marvelous creations out there and get the recognition they deserve.

So what are you waiting for get those, sketches and portfolio artworks to life with Dot Badges.

All you gotta do is:

Design: Come up with the whackiest and brightest funkiest idea, ink it, draw it, paint it, illustrate it.

Upload: Upload your artwork using the form below, so that we can see what you got.

Approved: Wait for a few days to get approved and understand which products would we be able to feature your artworks on, and the royalty that you shall receive from us for your contribution, once approved we will send you an artist collaboration agreement and list your products on our website.

Start Earning: Sit back and relax, while we manufacture and ship the products to a niche of customers all across the globe, while we pay you royalty on a monthly basis for every product sold that bears your artwork.

We suggest your check go through our design guidelines for more information.