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Shop vinyl stickers featuring mind-blowing designs. So perfect for programmers. Car stickers, notebook stickers, bumper stickers and bike stickers or laptop stickers. Programmer Stickers for Java Stickers, C++ Stickers, Python Sticker, Fedora Sticker, PostgreSQL Sticker, Tux, Android Phone Sticker, Apple Sticker, Ubuntu, Linux, HTML5 , RedHat Sticker, Django Sticker, Bootstrap, Hadoop and PHP.

But great for phones and other gadgets. Our stickers are vinyl stickers, although stickers leave back residue on the surface our stickers are made so well that they do not leave any residue and gum stains to the surface of the gadget and hence they protect it from looking bad.

Self Adhesive, can be reused on all surfaces and are non tearable sticker. All type of Programmer Stickers available at Dot Badges at the cheapest price and best quality. Cool, funky, quirky laptop stickers for every age group.

Stickers for kids, adults and programmers. Waterproof and long lasting. But just peel and stick so can reuse, remove it and clean the surface with a wet cloth and re-apply soon.

Shop for Matte Finished Stickers online, buy notebook stickers, laptop stickers, car stickers, bike stickers. Waterproof and long lasting. High quality. Self adhesive.